Monday, 1st June 2015

Dear Customers,

Please accept our apologies for sending another correspondence, however we have been forced to issue this statement further to the on-going false information which has been communicated by Mr James Fletcher.

It is with great regret that you are receiving these communications from both us and Mr James Fletcher as we know you simply signed up in good faith to MenPackage to enjoy your monthly subscription. However, we think it is important that you have the full facts of the situation to prove that this is not a phishing email, we are not masking the old MensPackage domain and we have not hacked the web server, we are the rightful owners.

We have full evidence of everything we are going to state below and are happy to share this with you. This evidence and/or contact numbers can be provided if you need to enquire from outside parties directly (Go Cardless, Fasthosts, The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau) for reassurance of the truth.

MensPackage was set-up by two Founders Mr Martyn Keen and Mr James Fletcher.

Mr James Fletcher took full control of MensPackage by executing the following with no prior warning at 1:00 in the morning on Sunday 17 May 2015;

  1. The domain was illegally obtained by Mr James Fletcher.
  2. Mr James Fletcher transferred all funds from the company bank account into his personal bank account.
  3. Mr James Fletcher hijacked the PayPal and GoCardless accounts, switching payment to his private bank account.

James T Fletcher - Email

After Go Cardless were contacted by Mr Martyn Keen with the crime number and explanation of the recent events GoCardless immediately disabled the account and will return payments to subscribers.

This is the real reason why you have been asked by Mr James Fletcher to re authorise your GoCardless direct debit.

Mr James Fletcher has sole control of the social media accounts therefore we are only able to communicate via email and the MensPackage website.

Below is additional information regarding the website domain and company registered address;

The domain is registered to the same address as Gen Y Social Ltd (Mr Martyn Keen and Mr James Fletcher are joint founders and directors of this company). The same address is also shared by InjectMedia Ltd (Mr Martyn Keen sole director). James Fletcher has worked alongside Inject Media for the original design of both Gen Y Social and MensPackage and is not as stated by James Fletcher a marketing agency hacker.

Due to being able to prove to Fasthosts that the domain name had been illegally obtained by Mr James Fletcher the domain has been returned to us and secured as of Friday 29th May. In the preceding days Fasthosts were allowing time for Mr James Fletcher to prove he had not obtained it illegally (which he couldn’t) hence Fasthosts transferring the domain back to the rightful owner.

Only at this point did Mr James Fletcher register TheGentsPack domain and announce a re-brand.

We have the evidence from Fasthosts of this if you wish to see it.

The case has been reported to the Police and has been referred to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, again we can provide you with further information.

The ongoing social media libel is also being documented.

We want you to be very clear of this situation.

Please email should you have any questions.


Friday, 29th May 2015

Dear Customers,

We regret to inform you that the website "" was temporarily taken control of by a former founder of the company.

The website hosting company, Fasthosts, were immediately notified of this fact and have now addressed this issue. However, we still do not have any access to Twitter or Facebook or control of the PayPal or GoCardless accounts.

During the period the website was outside our control there was an invitation made to all customers to redirect their business to and that their subscription would continue to be accepted for this new web site.

This message was sent by another company. The message was not authorised nor agreed to by "". Although showing the menspackage brand and website, this is not and is merely a copy of the original site. We would therefore advise that you cancel any subscription/payments immediately "" are not able to guarantee that you will receive the product that you signed up for and will be in touch once this matter has been resolved.

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.


For all enquiries please email